KICCE - Korea Institute of Child Care and Education

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Vision & Misson
  • 12 Project Tasks
    • Strengthening basic research on long-term childcare Policy
    • Suggesting transformative paradigm for cooperative childcare policy
    • Strengthening strategic researches for the integration and implementation of childcare and education
    • Constructing the role as a hub for research on ECEC policy
    • Expanding research on future-oriented ECEC Policy
    • Strengthening international networks and cooperation for improving research ability
    • Strengthening research on child care support policies for solving blind spots
    • Developing a customized research development system for ECEC policies specifically for the policy customers
    • Offering people-friendly childcare policy information and communication system
    • Strengthening organizational specialty and multidisciplinary research capabilities
    • Establishing a reasonable evaluation and reward system
    • Building a strong sense of community within the organization