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게시물 내용

SubjectVisit from the Japanese Early Child Care and Education Experts

Date 2017-02-13 11:23 Hit 995
On February 7th (Tue), Japanese Early Child Care and Education experts, including Professor Kazunori Itoh of Ube Frontier College, Mitsuharu Tanaka of Tohoku University, Yuki Inenaga of University of Tsukuba, Shouta Shirasaka of Kyushu University Research center for Tertiary Education and Qualifications, and Shuichi Tsukahara Kansai University of International Studies, visited KICCE. President Namhee Woo, Dr. Mugyeong Moon (Director of International Research and Cooperation Office), Dr. Wonsoon Park (Chief of International Cooperation Team), and Dr. Eun Jin Kang (Chief of ECEC Support Research Team) participated in the meeting to discuss ECEC system in Japan, and National Competency Standards(NCS) in Korea.