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SubjectThe 21st OECD ECEC Network Meeting and the 5th Extended Network Meeting

Date 2017-08-04 12:04 Hit 984

From July 3rd(Mon) to 8th(Sat), President Namhee Woo and Yoon Kyung Choi (Chief of OECD International Research Team) attended the 21st OECD ECEC Network Meeting and the 5th Extended ECEC Network Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal for exchange among foreign institutes and invigoration of ECEC network.

In the 21st Meeting, publication outcomes of ‘Starting Strong V: Transitions from Early Childhood Education and Care to Primary Education’ were reported, and ‘VI: Policy Review on Quality in ECEC: Making Informed Decisions to Improve Quality for Better Child Outcomes’ was discussed. Furthermore, discussions regarding publication of ‘Starting Strong 2017: Key OECD Indicators on Early Childhood Education and Care’ and extensive ECEC policies were also held.

Yoon Kyung Choi reported national analysis plans and results of Starting Strong V, followed by in-depth discussions among participants.

The visit provided opportunities to interact with key personnels such as President Bernhard Kalicki of German Youth Institute: DJI, Arno Engel of OECD, and Tove Mogstad Slinde, a Senior Advisor in the Norwegian Ministry of Education. 


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