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게시물 내용

SubjectKICCE and the Korean Society of Maternal and Child Health sign MoU

Date 2018-10-10 15:03 Hit 769

KICCE(President Sun-Hee Baek) signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) with the Korean Society of Maternal and Child Health for bringing about a better policy on pregnancy,childbirth and childcare on September 3rd(Mon) at the 4th conference room at KICCE. From the Korean Society of Maternal and Child Health, Jung Yeol Han(President) along with In Sook Sohn(Senior vice-president), Ki Hoon Ahn(Secretary) and Woo Ryoung Lee(Academic manager), and from KICCE Eun-Seol Kim(Director, Planning& Coordination Head Office), Hae-Mi Yoo(General Manager, ECEC Policy Research Office), Mu Gyeong Moon(General Manager, International Research and Cooperation Office), Eun Young Kim(General Manager, Management and Support Office) and Jeong Rim Lee(Team manager, Integration of ECEC Research Team) attended for the MoU signing ceremony.

Department : International Research and Cooperation Office Manager : Hanna Ye Email :