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게시물 내용

SubjectVisit from Japanese Experts for examination of a trend in Nuri-curriculum and children education po..

Date 2018-10-12 17:43 Hit 955

On Sep 10(Fri), KICCE(President Sun-Hee Baek) had a meeting for looking at a trend in Nuri-curriculum and childcare education policy. For this meeting held in the President’s office of KICCE, Prof. 丹羽孝 Nagoya City Univ.), Prof. 新井美保子(Dep. of Early Childhood Education, Aichi Univ. of Education), Prof. 韓在煕(Shitennoji Univ.)(interpreter), Prof. Mi-Ok Moon(Dep. of Child Studies, Seoul Women’s Univ.), and Prof. Mi-Ra Chung(Dep. of Early Childhood Education, Gachon Univ.) were visiting KICCE to attend. From KICCE, President Baek, Mu Gyeong Moon(General Manager of International Research and Cooperation Office), Eun Young Kim(General Manager of Management and Support Office), Eun Young Choi(Team Manager, Research Planning and Evaluation Team)and Su Jeong Baek(Researcher) participated in the meeting.

Department : International Research and Cooperation Office Manager : Hanna Ye Email :