KICCE - Korea Institute of Child Care and Education


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Occasional Research list
No. Subject File Date Hit
54 [2014]Selection Criteria and Operation System of Continuing Education Institute .. 823
53 [2014]Effective Management of Mixed-Age Class 1251
52 [2014]Building a Website of the Child Development Assessment Scale for 5-Year Old 1240
51 [2014]Critical Period for the Acquisition of English as a Foreign Language 835
50 [2014]Development in the Semi-public Child Care Center 718
49 [2014]Health Promotion Program for Young Children 667
48 [2014]A Study on Job Analysis of Child Care Staff (in charge of HealthㆍNutritio.. 693
47 [2014]Managing the Quality of Teaching Materials and Tools in Kindergarten 632
46 [2014]Legislating Financial Accounting Regulations for Operating United Financia.. 687
45 [2014]Improving the Selection Standard of Public Child Care Center’s Subcontrac.. 728