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Subject[2015] Revising the Nuri Curriculum for Children at Age 3 to 5

Date Hit 890


Title: Revising the Nuri Curriculum for Children at Age 3 to 5

Researchers:   Mugyeong Moon, Yun-jin Bae, Shinyeong Song



     The purposes of the study are to examine issues and needs regarding the implementation of the Nuri curriculum for children at age 3 to 5 and to propose recommendation for revision in terms of the general and the specific learning domains as well as explanatory guidelines and materials for teachers.


     In particular, the study attempted to strengthen theoretical backgrounds and recent trends of curriculum development, to fortify alignment with primary school curriculum as well as the Standard Childcare Curriculum for 0 to 2, and to provide a more teacher-friendly curriculum.


     Two surveys were conducted respectively with 1,250 practitioners and about 50 experts regarding challenges of and needs for the implementation of the Nuri curriculum and directions and specifics of revision. A group of experts in the field provided in-depth discussion and reviews on the general and each learning domain. Furthermore, two regional workshops were held in order to discuss proposed recommendation for revision.


     Based on major findings of surveys and expert meetings, a range of recommendations for revising the Nuri curriculum, such as including desirable image of child, emphasizing integral provision of care and education, reducing amount of learning contents, appropriating the difficulty level of contents by age levels, setting an overall goals rather than individual goals for each learning domain, providing detailed guidelines for child assessment, and so on.


     It is highly important to have a consensus on these proposed recommendations in revising the Nuri curriculum through sustained discourse among different stakeholder groups.

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