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Subject[Abstracts] 2015 Project Report Abstracts

Date 2016-12-28 11:11 Hit 3741


Major Research Project

▷ Plan for Strengthening and Protecting the Rights of Kindergarten Daycare Teachers

▷ Measures to Reinforce Customized Child Care Service for Child Care Centers and Kindergartens
▷ The Study of Sustainable Child Care Support Field for Inter-Korea Exchange and Cooperation
▷ Utilization of Decent Part-time Jobs in Childcare Center and Kindergarten
▷ A Study of Grandparents Raising Young Grandchildren and Support System
▷ KICCE Childrearing Price Index and Parents' Perception of the Childrearing Cost(Ⅲ)
▷ Current Status and Improvement Plans of Early Childhood Education and Care in Rural Areas
▷ Mid-to-long Term Forecasts of the Demand and Fiscal Spending for Early Childhood Education and Childcare
▷ Issues and Tools of the International Assessment on Young Children's Learning and Development
▷ Preschoolers' Current Private Education Status and Improvement Measures: Focused on the Effects of Early Foreign Language Education
▷ The Treand of Child Care Supoort Policy and its Future Challenges

General Research Project

▷ Achievement and Challenges of Childcare Policies in 2015
▷ Outcomes of the Early Chidlhood Education Policy in 2015 and Future Tasks
▷ Measures to Substantiality of Childcare Support for Improving Fertility and Work-Family Balance(Ⅴ):

    Improvement Measures and Current Status of Establishment of Industrial Complex Childcare Centers
▷ Revising the Nuri Curriculum for Children at Age 3 to 5
▷ Nuri Curriculum for Ages 3 to 5: Plans for Stregnthening Partnerships between ECEC centers, Home, and Community 
▷ An Investigation of the Current States of the Operation and Use of NURI Curriculum for Ages 3 to 5 and its Effectiveness
▷ Developing an Inventory for Measuring Character of ECEC Teachers and Strategies for Enhancing their Character Education
▷ Estimation Study on Children(0-5 years) Education and Childcare Expenses(Ⅲ)
▷ A Study on the Calculation of Childcare Expenses by Considering Regional Characteristics 2015

▷ Estimating the Standarsd Cost of Kindergarten Education in 2015
▷ Individualized Child Care Support Plans(Ⅰ): Current Status of the Supporting Programs for Children with Special Needs and Plans for Further Improvement
▷ [Plans for Further Safe Childcare Education Environments] 1. Improvement Measures and Current Safety Management Status of Kindergarten and Childcare Centers
▷ [Plans for Further Safe Childcare Education Environments] 2. A Study on the Construction of Space Environment for Improving Safety in Child Care Center and Kindergarten

▷ [Plans for Further Safe Childcare Education Environments] 3. Policies for Securing the Safety of Transport Environment and School Buses

▷ Panel Study on Korean Children(PSKC) 2015

▷ Panel Study on Korean Children(PSKC) 2015 2008-2014 In-depth Analysis Research

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