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Subject [Proceedings] 5th CIFA Reginal Symposium 2016: KICCE Session

Date 2017-01-05 14:04 Hit 858

□ Date: 2016. 11. 4.(Thu) 14:00~15:45
□ Venue: National Museum of Korea
□ Presentation

 -Ⅰ. Children's Happiness and Satisfaction in relation to Child-Parent Relationship

     / Presenter: Dr. Namhee Do, Cheif of Basic Statistics Team, Associate Research Fellow, KICCE

       Non-presenting author: Dr. Yunjin Bae, Associate Research Fellow, KICCE

 -Ⅱ. Current status and Support System of Grandparents Raising their Young Grandchildren

     / Presenter: Dr. Yunjin Lee, Research Fellow, KICCE

       Non-presenting author: Dr. Mi Kyoung Kwon, Director of Office of ECEC Policy, Associate Research Fellow, KICCE

 -Ⅲ. Parental Perspectives and Needs on Parent Education

     / Presenter: Dr. Gilsook Kim, Associate Research Fellow, KICCE

       Non-presenting author: Dr. Meehwa Lee, Director-General, Senior Research Fellow, KICCE

                                   Dr. Eunseol Kim, Chief of Child Panel Research Team, KICCE

                                   Dr. Jinwha Lee, Prof. of Baejae University

                                   Ms. Jiyeon Yun, Researcher, KICCE

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