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Subject[Brochure] Introduction of KICCE 2018 (eng)

Date 2018-08-20 15:01 Hit 339

The brief introduction of Korea Istitute for Child Care and Educatio Policy in English.

It covers KICCE's mission, vision, organization, history, research projects, domestic & global network and so on.


The table of Contents are as follows:


04 Greetings

06 History

08 Management Objectives

10 Organization Chart

12 Major Research Projects in 2018

13 Academic Events in 2018

14 Overseas Partners

15 Domestic Partnets

16 Publications

17 Online Services



You can download this English brochure as Adobe pdf format. Also, we are now providing more details in Korean, the formore versions of English brochure and other materials on Korean homepage's introduction resrouce archive ( ).

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