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As approved journal of national research foundation of Korea, it publish three times a year.

[2017, 11-1] Childcare Center Directors’ Perceptions and Demands on Customized Childcare 이미지

[2017, 11-1] Childcare Center Directors’ Perceptions and Demands on Customized Childcare

  • chief of researchHyo-Mi Lim
  • researchersSeung Yeon Lee
  • pages0pages
  • Report No.
  • Reg No.
  • ISBNISSN 1976-6793
  • Date2017.06.30


The purpose of this study was to investigate the perceptions and demands of childcare center directors on customized childcare policy that was implemented recently since July 1, 2016 in Korea. 152 directors at various types of childcare centers in Seoul and Gyeonggi filled out surveys from September 26 to October 30, 2016. The results of this study were as follows. First, in terms of the directors’ perceptions on customized childcare, although they fully understood the intent of the policy and about half of them acknowledged the necessity of the policy, most of them were dissatisfied with the policy. In addition, they thought that the operating hours and the childcare fees for the customized classes were not appropriate. Furthermore, they felt the changes in working conditions of directors and teachers and center income from childcare fees due to the policy’s enforcement, and these changes led to financial and administrative difficulties. Second, in terms of the directors’ demands on customized childcare, they demanded overall improvement of the policy. In particular, they suggested to modify the basic operating hours from 12 hours to 8 hours in order to provide advisable childcare for infants. For the question on what the future childcare policies should pursue, the most common response was a shared responsibility among the government, parents, and childcare centers. For the question on what should be considered when making a new childcare policy, most of the respondents demanded the notification and mediation of policy-making processes. These results imply the needs for the continuous improvement and active publicity of the customized childcare policy.

Keywords: customized childcare, customized class, all-day class, childcare centers, directors

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