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As approved journal of national research foundation of Korea, it publish three times a year.

[2017, 11-1] An Aanalysis of Kindergarten and Childcare Center Teacher

[2017, 11-1] An Aanalysis of Kindergarten and Childcare Center Teacher's Perception of the Nuri Curriculum Based on Curriculum Autonomy and Diversity

  • chief of researchChanghyun Park
  • researchersMisun Yang
  • pages0pages
  • Report No.
  • Reg No.
  • ISBNISSN 1976-6793
  • Date2017.06.30


The purpose of this study was to analyze the awareness of teachers of kindergarten and childcare center on the Nuri curriculum implementation based on curriculum implementation autonomy and diversity to improve the quality of ECEC. Target sample included 868 teachers in kindergartens and childcare centers from September 29 to October 21 in 2016 for an online survey. The descriptive analysis, the cross tab analysis and t-test were implemented for data analysis. The key study results were as follows. First, the teachers in kindergarten and childcare center seemed to understand the Nuri curriculum in depth relatively. Second, the teachers stated that there were improvements in increase of outdoor play, decrease of parents’ financial burden, increase of education and care quality etc.; on the other hand, autonomy and diversity in the Nuri curriculum relatively indicated low performance among the teachers. Third, participants agreed that the curriculum in the field has standardized since the Nuri curriculum began. Fourth, for effective curriculum operation, the teacher competency was found to be the most needed in child-teacher interaction skills, child developmental and psychological characteristics, etc., and the director competency in communication skills and conflict-resolving skill among staffs, and confidence and support for teacher's autonomous curriculum implementation. Based on the results, policy implications were suggested.

Keywords: teacher, the Nuri curriculum, curriculum autonomy and diversity

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