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As approved journal of national research foundation of Korea, it publish three times a year.

[2018, 12-3] An Analysis on Factors Influencing Nocturnal Sleep Duration in 4-year-olds 이미지

[2018, 12-3] An Analysis on Factors Influencing Nocturnal Sleep Duration in 4-year-olds

  • chief of researchYeonji Yu
  • researchersJinwook Kim
  • pages0pages
  • Report No.
  • Reg No.
  • ISBNISSN 1976-6793
  • Date2018.12.31


  The study aims to investigate nocturnal sleep duration in 4-year-olds and relative effects of various factors including the personal factor (temperament), the familial factor (mother’s employment status), the time-use factors (hours spent in childhood educare institutions, on napping in the institutions, and on using electronic media). The data of 937 4-year-olds collected by the Korea Children and Youth Panel Survey in 2012 was analyzed. Using SPSS 21.0 program, frequency analysis, descriptive statistics, Pearson’s correlation analysis and hierarchical regression were conducted. The results are as follows. First, there were significant negative correlations among the personal factor, familial factor and time-use factors. Finally, the time-use factors showed largest explanatory power on variance of children’s nocturnal sleep duration, followed by the familial factor. But the personal factor was not statistically significant. These results suggested that parents and childhood educare institutions need to cooperate in order for children to sleep well. It is also necessary to implement and spread the social systems to support healthy development of children.

Key words: Panel Study on Korean Children, nocturnal sleep duration, temperament, mother’s employment status, time-use

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