Inauguration ceremony held for the 7th president of the KICCE, Hwang Ock Kyeung

The Korea Institute of Child Care and Education held the inauguration ceremony for the 7th president, Hwang Ock Kyeung, on Monday, May 27, 2024, at 2 PM in the Sky Hall on the 21st floor of the Post Tower. In her inaugural speech, the new president, Hwang Ock Kyeung, stated, "Our institute aims to support the healthy development of young children based on scientific research results and the recognition that young children are complete individuals. We strive to become an institution that guides the future direction of education and childcare in Korea, fulfilling our role and responsibility in supporting child care in society."

She further expressed her vision: "Under the vision of 'Supporting young children to move towards a promising future and researching childcare policies that transform society,' we will firmly establish a research and development platform that expands knowledge and leads policies. We will support responses to changes in domestic and international policy agendas and environments, and enhance the institute's social standing through innovation-friendly management."

Additionally, she urged the staff of the Korea Institute of Child Care and Education to take pride in being researchers and employees of an institution that conducts research based on scientific discoveries about young children and understanding them as individuals. She called on all employees to unite as one team to produce the best research and projects, emphasizing the importance of their collective effort and commitment.