To serve as a research hub for ECEC policy and to promote the happy growth of future talent



Contribute to in enabling Korea to take a leap toward becoming a global leader in early childhood care and education through comprehensive research on ECEC policies.


Mid-and Long-term Development Goals

  • Serve as a leading ECEC research institute for the happy growth of children

  • Strive to become a platform for ECEC policy to respond to domestic and foreign agendas

  • Fulfill KICCE's social responsibility through management innovation and reinforcement of our status


Core values

Happiness Communication Innovation Impartiality Dissemination

Management Goals & Execution Strategies

Take the initiative in researching future-oriented policies for the sake of the happy growth of children
  • Expand scope of research based on children's rights and life stages
  • Strengthen research activities on leading policies for the cooperation and development of future-oriented early childhood education and care
  • Play a leading role in research to create child care- childcare-friendly families and society
  • Improve our research project management system to enhance our contribution to policymaking
Realize a research platform for the ECEC policy to respond to domestic and foreign agendas
  • Establish a research platform for domestic and foreign ECEC policies to prepare for the post-pandemic era
  • Increase communication with policy beneficiaries and share policy results in various ways
  • Create an ECEC policy ecosystem through interdisciplinary convergence and cooperation
Enhance the status of KICCE through inclusive management innovation
  • Promote incorporation and strengthen human rights-focused and ethical management
  • Build a more inclusive organizational culture to realize social value
  • Enhance efficiency of organization management through innovation